City of Athens Tour (Full Day)

City of Athens Tour (Full Day)

Discover Athens culture, incredible sites, stories & legends.


Duration: 8-9 hours (Full Day)

Price: 230€ up to 4 persons | 270€ up to 8 persons | 430€ up to 16 persons

Freedom means rented minivan vehicle with a personal driver. Discover with ATL Transfers the most important buildings and monuments of Athens and enjoy time traveling from antiquity to today !!

We start your tour with a visit to the famous Acropolis, the most important ancient site of Western civilization, a trademark of the city and the number one attraction in Athens. Entering the archaeological site, we see the complex of the Propylaea. In front of the right wing is the small temple of Athena Nike. The gaze of all, however, is drawn by the Parthenon, a temple made almost entirely of Pentelic marble, dedicated to Athena Virgo, inside of which was its golden-ivory statue. Right across from the Parthenon, on the north side of the Acropolis stands the Erechtheion, the temple of the famous Caryatians, where six marble daughters replace the columns. Exiting the archaeological site on the right, there is a rock, the Arios Pagos, the seat of the most ancient court in Athens. Climb the stairs and enjoy the city’s view from above.

Our tour continues for the arch of Andrianos and the columns of Olympus Zeus. The next stop is the Panathinaikon (Kallimarmaro) stadium were the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, we continue to Syntagma Square and the Hellenic Parliament where you can watch the changing of the guards. The Presidential Palace, a neoclassical three-storey building of the 19th century with a simple and rigorous design, which houses the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic and is the official residence of the President of the Hellenic Republic in Athens, the Maximos Mansion a neoclassical one-story building of the 19th century with a marble Ionic peristyle, which houses the office of the Prime Minister of Greece, and the Zappeion Mansion a neoclassical building, Corinthian style of the 19th century which is in the National Gardens of Athens in the heart of Athens and it is used for meetings and ceremonies, both official and private are the next destinations.

Time traveling to our city continues with a drive throw the central Panepistimiou Avenue for a stop at the most interesting neoclassical buildings of the 19th century such as the University of Athens, the National Library, the Catholic Cathedral of Agios Dionysios Areopagitis and the Athens City Hall in front of Kotzia Square. Our last destinations in the center of Athens, for a breathtaking panoramic view of the city is the hill of Lycabettus and the church of Agios Georgios, where you will have the opportunity to take photos of the amazing views.

Driving along the scenic coastal road which affords a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf, and the Athens Riviera we will make a stop at the magnificent natural landscape of Vouliagmeni Lake (located just 25 km from the city center), famous for its mineral waters and healing properties. Continuing we arrive at the impressive Cape Sounion (about 65 km from Athens), which is the ideal location to complete your tour of Athens, a cliff with the Temple of Poseidon, one of the major monuments of the Golden Age of Athens, which is dedicated to the mythological God of the Sea, Poseidon how was the protector of seafarers, and of many Hellenic cities and colonies. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and panoramic view, and relish the breathtaking sunset! After your visit the temple you will have time to take your pictures and stop for coffee or refreshments by the site.

Enjoy with ATL Transfers the ultimate freedom of renting a minivan with a personal driver and the chance to experience the city of Athens perfectly rested !!